CAFB Industries and Contacts

Below is a list of all eligible industries for the Coronavirus Agricultural and Forestry Business Fund (CAFB Fund).

Please contact your respective industry contact, concerning your application or the CAFB Fund


Eligible Industries Contact Name Contact Email Address
Agricultural Fairs/Events/Expos Lynne Williams
Agritourism Operations - Including Horse Trails Kacey Troup
Commodity Groups - including non-profits Rachel Sullivan
Community Food Kitchens Mike Brown
Co-Packing Businesses Mike Brown
Cotton Gins Rachel Sullivan
Craft Breweries Kyle Hensley
Dairy Processors - Milk & Cheese Mike Brown
Distilleries Kyle Hensley
Exporters - Agriculture, Food & Forest Products Whitney Flatt
Farmers Markets Kacey Troup
Food Banks Mike Brown
Food Distributors Debbie Ball
Food Processors Mike Brown
Forestry - Product Manufacturers, Sawmills, & Loggers  Neil Owens
Grain Elevators Rachel Sullivan
Hemp Processors Kyle Hensley
Horticultural Producers Will Freeman
Livestock & Horse Shows Wendy Sneed
Livestock Markets Wendy Sneed
Meat Processors Wendy Sneed
Specialty Crop Producers Debbie Ball
Transportation Providers Mike Brown
Urban Ag Businesses Serving Food Deserts Will Freeman
Wineries Kyle Hensley
Other Rachel Sullivan