Tennessee Tourism CARES Marketing Program

The Tourism and Hospitality industries have been impacted more severely by the COVID-19 crisis than any other industry in Tennessee in terms of job and revenue losses. In an effort to support these industries, Governor Lee announced on August 14 that $15,000,000 of Tennessee’s share of the Coronavirus Relief Fund has been designated for destination marketing organizations (“DMOs”).

The Tennessee Tourism CARES Marketing Program will provide funding to DMOs in all 95 Tennessee counties. Funds have been allocated to each county based on the average percentage of 2018-2019 state tax revenue generated by each according to the annual U.S. Travel economic impact report. Please see the Allocation tab to view the amount of funds allocated to each county.

The funds may be used to reimburse DMOs for necessary costs incurred to respond to the current COVID-19 public health emergency, including unanticipated expenses for facilities or events improvement, or supplies directly related to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Please reference the FAQ tab for more information about this program.

Please contact support@tncaresact.com with any questions