Webinar Information

Please note during the webinars, there will be mentions of a November 15th deobligation date. Subsequent to these webinars, that date has been extended to December 4, 2020 at 11:59pm CST.

In an effort to quickly and effectively provide program information to non-profits interested in the TN Community CARES funding, the State of Tennessee is offering webinars where attendees will be presented with pertinent information on system access,  expenditure guidance, and timelines for reimbursements. Webinars were held Tuesday August 4th at 10am CST and Thursday August 6th at 2pm CST.

The recordings of the webinars and slide deck are below: 

Aug. 4 10:00 AM CST Informational Session recording: 


Aug. 6 2:00 PM CST Informational Session recording:


Informational Session Downloadable Slide Deck

To provide an overview of how to submit reimbursements in the TN CAMS system, a webinar was hosted to give recipients an overview of the system. The webinars was held Tuesday September 8th  at 1pm CST.

The recordings of the webinar and slide deck are below: 


Slide Deck